Public Service Superannuation Plan Update

Good afternoon,

A few weeks ago, we sent you an email warning that the Board of Trustees for your pension plan Public Service Superannuation Plan (PSSP) was considering making changes to your plan. Those changes would basically allow the employers to save money by reducing their contribution to your PSSP, which would mean you get less from the PSSP when you go to retire.

We asked you to send a letter to the Premier, CEO and Chair of the PSSP. More than 2,400 of you took the time to send a letter: thank you!

At a recent Board of Trustees meeting, the official response from the NSGEU and other stakeholders was received, but no motion or resolution was put forward on this issue. Rather, a discussion was held and the status quo remains. I believe this transpired because of your response. We expect the matter will be revisited a number of times before it is a voting issue.

We will keep you updated on this important issue.

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