Update on Policy Grievance re: Overtime for Relief and Part-time Deputy Sheriffs

Dear Relief and Part-time Deputy Sheriff members,

Re: Overtime

Update: We have filed a grievance regarding the Employer’s change in practice regarding overtime pay for Relief and Part-time Deputy Sheriffs.

Dates have been set for an adjudication hearing. They are scheduled for September 23rd and 24th, 2021.

Please note that this issue does not affect full-time permanent Deputy Sheriffs.

While we wait for a resolution to this dispute through the grievance process, the NSGEU strongly advises Relief and Part-time Employees to continue to submit for the appropriate overtime as per the collective agreement (the way you have always done). Please retain a personal copy of your hours to ensure you are compensated correctly when/if successful.

If your manager denies your overtime, please contact NSGEU and ask to speak to Employee Relations Officer Dustin Rioux, drioux@nsgeu.ca.

Thank you very much.

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