Dept of Community Services Case Aides Policy Grievance Issued to your Employer on Avoidance

The Union has raised concerns pertaining to Case Aides working within the Department of Community Services. The Employer continues to avoid appointing a number of term employees to permanent. The Department states it is looking at different ways to “optimize the delivery of access and transportation.” In light of this work, the Department has been filling some vacancies as term while they determine the best allocation of those positions throughout the Department. We are also aware there are a number of Relief Employees still working full-time or up to full-time hours. The hours being worked by these Relief Employees is not considered relief work but regularly scheduled work. This is another avoidance of the Employer to fill permanent positions by utilizing Relief Employees.

A policy grievance has been issued to the PSC on March 18th, 2019 as it relates to avoidance. NSGEU is frustrated that your Employer is putting Case Aides through yet another “review”. In the meantime, Employees are left without knowing where they fit in the organization or have any stability. As a result, this is having a negative impact on staff, morale and your clients. Our goal is to hold your Employer accountable and to remind them that the work you do is important and valuable work to the department and to Nova Scotians.

In Solidarity,

Dustin Rioux

Employee Relations Officer

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