NSGEU members in the Vehicle Transportation and Inspection Division – Grievance Update

In 2016, a number of employees with the Vehicle Transportation and Inspection Division (Employer), brought workplace safety concerns to our attention. The Union had meetings with Employees and as a result, a grievance was filed under the Collective Agreement. The grievance was filed under Article 36 of the Civil Service Master Agreement and was issued on March 27th, 2017. The Union went through the grievance process but was not successful in getting a resolve and therefore the matter was referred to adjudication.

The adjudication hearing was set for this month. The Employer and the Union entered into discussions prior to the hearing and we have been successful in coming to a settlement on this matter. The Union has entered into a Memorandum of Settlement and the adjudication hearing has since been adjourned. The following is part of the settlement:

– The Employer agrees to secure and independent, qualified and competent individual to conduct a violence in the workplace assessment.

The Union will continue to be engaged in the assessment process, which is expected to take up to 6-months to complete, once an expert is secured. Paul Cormier, OHS Officer for NSGEU will be arranging meetings with VTI Officers in the coming weeks to discuss next steps and to provide information on reporting OHS concerns, incidents, etc. I am optimistic that your Employer is working collaboratively with the Union to better health and safety within the workplace.

Grievance settlements are never made lightly and every option and possible outcome is weighed. I want to thank the Officers who took the time to meet with legal counsel and myself and for putting health and safety at the forefront. Should you have any questions or concerns about this settlement, please contact me, Dustin, at drioux@nsgeu.ca or toll-free at 1-877-556-7438.

In Solidarity,

Dustin Rioux
Employee Relations Officer

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