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Local 78B Stock Transportation – Aug. 12 Update: Request for Proposals Issued by HRCE

Dear Local 78B members, Following up on my last communication regarding the Halifax Regional Centre for Education’s (HRCE) plan to revoke your employer’s contract to provide busing services, I committed to provide more information when it came forward and to let you know when the Request for Proposals (RFP) for Student Transportation Services was issued. We […]

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Speaking Out on Behalf of Staff at Halifax Infirmary Emergency Department

Earlier today, we sent a letter to the CEO of the Nova Scotia Health Authority and relevant government officials, advising them of ongoing staffing and safety concerns we have been hearing from frontline workers who work at the Halifax Infirmary Emergency Department. We have asked them to include our members in a working group to […]

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Update on Bill 148 (Public Services Sustainability Act) Constitutional Challenge

Good morning, Back in 2015, the McNeil Liberal government passed the Public Services Sustainability Act (Bill 148). This legislation unfairly imposed a non-negotiated wage settlement onto all public sector workers and unilaterally removed longstanding articles from collective agreements (specifically, the Long Service Award). Back in August 2015, the NSGEU, through its legal counsel, served Notice […]

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Home Care Update & Meetings

Good morning, NSGEU’s home care workers play a critical role in our health care system: helping to ensure Nova Scotians can stay in the comfort of their own homes even when they need assistance with their day-to-day routine. The work you do is deeply appreciated by your clients, their loved ones, and by us, your […]

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Acute Health Care: Update on New Interpretation of Overtime Language

Good afternoon, As you all know, the NSHA and IWK have a new interpretation of overtime compensation for all health care workers. This interpretation is not a result of negotiations and at no time has the NSGEU agreed with it. Essentially, both employers have decided that overtime will be paid based on hours actually worked, and […]

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NSGEU Asks To Be Included in HRM Busing Review

Dear Local 78B members working for Stock Transportation, Today the government announced it was investing more money into busing in the Halifax Regional Centre for Education. This is great, however, they also announced a busing consultation process that excludes your union and, therefore, the voices of drivers, monitors, and mechanics who deliver the service. NSGEU […]

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MEDIA RELEASE: Liberal Government Heightens Health Care Crisis by Leaving More Nova Scotians Stranded

NSGEU President Jason MacLean joins Cape Breton families, seniors and health care workers with shock and anger at today’s Liberal government announcement that the Northside Consolidated Hospital and New Waterford General Hospital will close and be replaced with Community Health Centres. “When was the community consulted for this plan?” asks Mr. MacLean. “The community shouldn’t […]

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Local 71 – CCRCE Strike Vote Information

Dear members of Local 71, After 12 days at the bargaining table, your Bargaining Committee has filed for conciliation. The Union is seeking a strike mandate from you, the members, prior to going into conciliation. We need a strike vote from all of Local 71 to reach a fair agreement. Your employer, the Chignecto-Central Regional Centre […]

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