Good news for Sherbrooke Restoration Commission and members of NSGEU Local 50

Dear members of Local 50,

In government’s spending announcement today was a small line item that means a great deal to members of Local 50 who work for the Sherbrooke Restoration Commission or Sherbrooke Village.

“Sherbrooke Restoration Commission: $246,000 to support the transition of the Sherbrooke pension plan to the Public Service Superannuation Plan.”

Government financial support for the pension plan, together with legislation passed in an earlier session, allowed for members of the Sherbrooke Pension Plan to become part of the Public Service Superannuation Pension Plan.

Although only a minority of members are year-round employees and in the Pension plan, having the Pension funding contributes greatly to the ongoing financial viability of Sherbrooke Village.

It makes a world of difference to the affected members who now belong to a stable defined benefit pension plan and to the Commission itself which no longer has this liability on its books and can move forward.

As negotiations continue for Local 50 (your contract expired on March 31, 2016) we are hopeful the Commission will now have the stability to negotiate a fair collective agreement with you, the workers, who bring the Village to life, who keep it functioning, and who make it such a wonderful place to visit.

Bargaining continues with the help of a Conciliation Officer on April 13th.

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