NSGEU Asks To Be Included in HRM Busing Review

Dear Local 78B members working for Stock Transportation,

Today the government announced it was investing more money into busing in the Halifax Regional Centre for Education. This is great, however, they also announced a busing consultation process that excludes your union and, therefore, the voices of drivers, monitors, and mechanics who deliver the service.

NSGEU President MacLean has sent a letter to Minister Churchill asking that workers be included in the consultation. The letter is included below.

The Nova Scotia Department of Education and Early Childhood Development also announced they would be sending a survey out to parents and community members in October. Watch for further updates, as we will forward this link to you when it becomes available.

Thank you for all you do to transport Nova Scotia’s most precious cargo, our students, to and from school safety. Thank you as well to all those who maintain the vehicles that make this possible. Your work is important and appreciated.

President MacLean’s letter:


Dear Minister Churchill,

The Nova Scotia Government & General Employees’ Union wants to commend you on your decision to purchase up 37 new buses to help improve bus service for students this school year. However, I take issue with your decision to not include frontline workers in your planned consultation on busing.

The Department of Education and Early Childhood Development release states, “Government will also consult with parents, School Advisory Councils, principals and the Provincial Advisory Council on Education, about a new busing policy, including service standards for the entire province.” We feel you will miss out on valuable input by not including the frontline workers who will have to implement any new policies coming from your Department’s review.

We agree with you that parents have a right to expect safe, reliable bus service for their children, but if you really want policies that will meet parent’s expectations you need to include bus drivers, monitors and mechanics in your consultation.

I look forward to your reply,

Jason MacLean,



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