McNeil drops hammer on NSGEU members

Dear members,

This morning Stephen McNeil and his Liberal government met behind closed doors at One Government Place and enacted a law that strips away your rights to a fair and open bargaining process. Known as Bill 148, this was the hammer that McNeil has held over our heads for more than four years and today he dropped it. But in doing that he has only strengthened our resolve to not back down and fight for what you deserve and what you have earned in the past.

I will be speaking with the bargaining teams that represent you at the table to reinforce our shared commitment to continue working hard and get this done, so you can focus on the important work you do everyday.

Today’s reaction from the McNeil government confirms for us what we already knew. This government’s arrogance has no limits.They do not care about hard working women and men like you. They have a fundamental misunderstanding of how to create good jobs, grow the economy, and keep young people here. The work you do is critical to the success we all want as members, parents, grandparents, and Nova Scotians.

This is not the end. This is a new beginning and provides us clarity for what we must do. Your work is valuable and deserving of a wage that is fair and representative of your colleagues across the country. Benefits that you have earned over the years should not be legislated away with the swipe of pen from a hand sitting in the Premier’s Office.

I am privileged to be your President and I remain committed to representing your needs and your priorities as we continue this process.

In Solidarity,

Jason MacLean

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