What is a Resolution?

A resolution to Convention is the mechanism by which members, through their Locals, have the opportunity to bring about or shape policy of the NSGEU.  Resolutions are also used to:

  • garner support from the NSGEU for many causes (i.e. send a letter of support to striking workers);
  • to join with other labour groups in denouncing action or inaction of the various levels of government;
  • to recommend financial support to what the members may consider an emergency or worthwhile cause;
  • to request that the union research a given situation and to report at the following Convention.

In fact, there are three types of resolutions that can be debated at Convention:

General Resolutions:

A formal statement of opinion, or a statement to direct an action, adopted by the NSGEU Convention delegates at the Triennial Convention. This does not include changes to the Constitution and By-laws, which is a Constitutional Amendment. General resolutions are submitted to the Resolutions Committee. Resolutions must be on the appropriate form (downloadable here) and  received in the NSGEU Head Office by March 8th, 2019

Constitutional Amendments:

A means to change, alter, improve or correct the Constitution and By-laws of the NSGEU. Amendments must be submitted,   on the proper form, (downloadable here) by March 8th, 2019.

Extraordinary Resolutions:

This is the term used if your idea deals with issues or events that happened AFTER the deadline for resolutions to be submitted, (March 8th) has passed.

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