Local 122 IWK Health Care: Policy Grievance Filed

In January, the NSGEU filed a Policy Grievance, advising the Employer that they have not been compensating employees appropriately for callback hours as per Article 15 of the Local 122 – IWK Health Authority (Healthcare) Collective Agreement.

Article 15.04   Callback Compensation

An employee who is called back to work and who reports for work shall be compensated for a minimum of four (4) hours at the straight time rate for the period worked, or at the applicable overtime rate, whichever is greater. The minimum guarantee of four (4) hours pay at the straight time rate shall apply only once during each eight (8) consecutive hours on standby.

If a Local 122 member believes they have not been properly compensated when they have been called at home while on Standby, please contact the Local 122 Chief Shop Steward Peter Perry, by email (Peter.Perry@iwk.nshealth.ca). 

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