Memorandum of Agreement regarding new Deputy Sheriff 1 Classification


Notice for Deputy Sheriffs

On January 17 the Employer informed the Union that further to Article 43.01 of the Master Agreement they were establishing a new classification of Deputy Sheriff 1 (DS1) which would be responsible only for providing security to all levels of court, and for the timely, safe, and efficient escort of transportation of prisoners to and from court. The classification would not have responsibility for court orders, nor for civil and criminal documents.

They informed us this would allow them to create opportunities for recent graduates of a recognized law enforcement program without any experience. They identified a salary of TE17 for the new classification.

We informed the Employer we did not agree that the new classification as they defined it was new or substantially altered as required by Article 43.01. To the contrary we communicated that as the new classification was discharging the same core duties as a Deputy Sheriff 2 (DS2) that if the Employer proceeded we would file a policy grievance. The parties agreed to continue to meet for further discussions.

The beginning of March we were informed by members that the Employer had posted Deputy Sheriff 1 (Multiple Locations) (Relief), Casual, TE17.

We immediately contacted the Employer and informed them we would be filing a policy grievance. As required by the Master Agreement the parties must first discuss a dispute before such a grievance is filed and so a meeting was scheduled.

In the meanwhile emails and telephone discussions ensued and last Friday the parties reached an agreement on a new classification, Deputy Sheriff 1 (DS1). (see Memorandum of Agreement attached).

The DS1 would be established not as a separate classification but as part of a progression starting at TE19. This means that the Employer can hire recent graduates of a recognized law enforcement program without any experience but after two years as a DS1 they automatically would be reclassified to a DS2 at TE21.

Please call the NSGEU Office at 902-424-4063 (1-877-556-7438 toll free) or email with any questions or concerns.

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