Storm Leave Policy Grievance IWK Local 122

The NSGEU has filed a Policy Grievance advising the Employer that it didn’t compensate all employees appropriately for leaves for storms or hazardous conditions on January 16th, 23rd, and 31st, 2018 as per the collective agreement.

Article 18.13 – Leave for Storms or Hazardous Conditions

(a) It is the responsibility of the employee to make every reasonable effort to arrive to work and to notify their Supervisor if unable to arrive at work due to a storm or hazardous conditions.

(b) Time lost by an employee of less than two (2) hours for a scheduled shift due to such conditions will be compensated as regular time worked.

(c) All time lost in excess of two (2) hours in a scheduled shift will be deemed to be leave, and shall, at the employee’s option, be:

(i) made up by the employee at a time agreed upon between the   employee and the employee’s immediate supervisor; or

(ii) charged to the employee’s accumulated vacation, accumulated holiday time, or accumulated overtime; or

(iii) otherwise deemed to be leave without pay.

(d) Where an employee requests permission to leave work prior to the completion of her scheduled shift because of hazardous conditions arising from a storm, the Employer may, where operational requirements permit, excuse the employee, in which case Article 18.13 (b) and (c) above shall apply.

If there are any members of Local 122 who believe that they weren’t appropriately compensated on January 16th, 23rd, and 31st, 2018 as per Article 18.13, they are asked to contact your Chief Shop Steward, Peter Perry at

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