Local 20 – NS Hearing & Speech Centres Settlement Reached on Long-Term Disability Premiums

In the late summer of 2016, the union filed a policy grievance with your employer, the Nova Scotia Hearing & Speech Centres, claiming the employer was in violation of the Collective Agreement by failing to pay the employer share of benefit premiums when an employee was off on Long-Term Disability (LTD). The employer had a long-standing practice of requiring employees on LTD to pay both the employee and the employer share of benefit premiums.

We recently reached a settlement with the employer, resulting in an amendment to Article 19.04, which requires the employer to pay its share of premiums for up to 24 months following the commencement of the absence. Should an employee remain on LTD after the 24 month period they will be required to pay both the employer and employee premium costs.

This settlement is retroactive to 25 days prior to the August 31, 2016 filing of the grievance. Any employee who was on LTD during the period of retroactivity and meets the 24-month limitation in Article 19.04 (f) will be reimbursed by the employer for any employer premiums paid during the applicable period.

The amendment reads as follows:

19.04(e) during the elimination period and while in receipt of Long Term Disability benefits, the Employer shall maintain coverage for medical, extended health, group life and any other employee benefit plan provided that the employee pays their share of the premium costs for maintaining such coverage.
19.04(f) the Employer shall only provide the Employer share of the premium contribution for a period of no longer than twenty-four (24) months following the commencement of the absence.
19.04(g) if the employee remains in receipt of Long Term Disability benefits after the twenty-four (24) months, the employee may continue to participate in the Benefit plans, provided the employee pays both the Employer’s and employee’s share of the cost.

If you have any questions regarding this amendment or its application please contact Jo-Ann Bailey at 902-424-4063 (toll-free 1-877-556-7438) or by email at inquiry@nsgeu.ca.

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