Members Working For VON (Locals 29, 31, 35, 40, 85) Attendance Management Program

Good afternoon,

As you are aware, your employer sent an email on Wednesday, May 31st outlining a new Attendance Management program that is being implemented effective June 1st, 2017. This communication advises that this program has been reviewed by the union and that it is compliant with the terms and conditions of our collective agreements.

This statement is categorically false. While union representatives did receive two versions of this program in previous weeks and we have had a chance to review them, we were not successful in scheduling a meeting with your employer to consult on this program and discuss the issues we have with their proposed changes to this program. We have many concerns about the changes they are making to this program and anticipated having an opportunity to discuss, and hopefully, correct them before they attempted to implement the changes. We were very surprised to hear that the program changes were being implemented on June 1st, and were only notified of this plan once members received the email on May 31st and contacted us.

Please be advised that the NSGEU is filing policy grievances for each VON Local that we currently represent to challenge this program and will follow-up further with you once we have more information to report.

In the mean time, if you have any questions or concerns regarding the new Attendance Management program, please reach out to your steward in your workplace to discuss. If you’d prefer, you can contact your Employee Relations Officers by calling 902-424-4063 (1-877-556-7438) or emailing

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